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 . . gives clear insight to the board, users and departments on why this decision is made. CALS-technology offers a possibility of comparing performance and other aspects of the integrated process at the right time." - Managing Director, Production. Innovative and action-oriented approach to improving production process - The principle is, according to Van Rees, to work on the root of the problem instead of the symptoms of it, be it some technical problem that comes as a result of a change in the production process or any other. One example is the "first" plastic bead manufactured by the company in order to reduce the wastage of plastic by depositing the beads as close as possible to the production line. The idea worked out a success and the beads were successfully used by multiple customers. The beads themselves were distributed to them free of charge, but there was a commercial reward involved for the company (see Fig. [1](#Fig1){ref-type="fig"}).Fig. 1"Environmental" beads that were used by multiple customers free of charge The initiative was promoted and supported by the customers themselves. And with the knowledge of the fact that the beads were not being thrown away as they were manufactured, the resulting savings were noticeable (see Fig. [2](#Fig2){ref-type="fig"}).Fig. 2Companies that used the beads and a clear difference in the visual aspect Reducing plastic packaging through a number of additional measures at the production line {#Sec4} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Reducing plastic packaging was another innovation of the new CEO. He looked into the fact that the plastic bottles that were being used for refilling the water at the production line were not being reused, but that they were simply thrown away together with the empty bottles, adding to the amount of plastic. It was an additional environmental problem, so he looked into finding an innovative way to solve this issue. The solution that he came up with was to change the bottles to be reusable and to be used only for refilling, and at the same time, he made it mandatory for the customers to use the reusable bottles for refilling water as well. To ensure that the employees follow the new policy, the CEO has ensured that the company has implemented a reward system and that the employees receive a prize of €10 for every water refill that they would fill with the reusable bottles. The objective of the CEO is to achieve 100% of the employees refilling their bottles with the reusable ones




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Scitools Understand Pro 5.1 Build 1017 Crack

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